Nine digital health pioneers to join Bayer’s G4A program

Linda Rider

A total of nine companies have been recognized into Bayer’s Digital Wellness Partnership Method, as annouced on the EU Startups site recently. In 2021, the pharmaceutical company was exclusively hunting for young providers with abilities in the aim places of psychological well being, cardiometabolic and reneal diseases, radiology and women’s health across Europe. […]

Tips for putting exercise back into your life

Linda Rider

Q: I want to get back again into performing exercises, but I want some assist. What is the finest way to get started off? Carl P., Evanston, Sick. A: Everyone has struggled recently with obtaining more than enough workout a 2021 report from the American Psychological Association discovered that 53 […]

Liz Weston: How to maximize your ‘health span’

Linda Rider

We’re dwelling extended on common, but the quantity of decades we’re healthful hasn’t held up. This lagging “health span ” interprets into much more time residing with critical sickness and disabilities at the finish of our lives. This can have important repercussions for our retirements. Some of us will have […]

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