5 Social Media Health and Fitness Tips

Linda Rider

It’s here! We are in the new yr. Even however the finish of the 12 months was possible stressful and hectic, fast paced mothers need to have to just take time to treatment for themselves as well. The start of the new calendar year has likely remaining you inundated with […]

Fitness Tips: Martial Arts – What’s Up? Media

Linda Rider

There are reasons that martial arts have caught all around for hundreds—and in some circumstances, 1000’s—of yrs. Whether or not they are finding out karate, taekwondo, kung fu, ninjitsu, or any of the other a lot of disciplines, martial artists discover the observe will make them stronger, much more coordinated, […]

The role of social media

Linda Rider

Worldwide, statistics suggest mental health has declined since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Is social media partly to blame? Share on PinterestWhat are the links between mental health status and social media use during the pandemic? We investigate. Image credit: Koukichi Takahashi/EyeEm/Getty Images On a global scale, social media […]

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