The Importance of Being able to Drive

Linda Rider

A car is more than just a mode of transportation. It can offer you the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. When you are in control of your transportation, it can help you maintain independence and live life on your terms. However, if you have a disability that prevents driving or if there is no way for you to get around on or near the ground, there are always other options available such as wheelchair accessible vehicles, van conversions for wheelchairs and disabled drivers, and disabled taxis (as well as different modes of alternative access) that might be worth exploring before deciding not to drive at all.

What is a wheelchair-accessible vehicle?

A wheelchair-accessible vehicle is a vehicle that will let you get around on the road with the use of a wheelchair. A regular passenger van could be modified to accommodate a wheelchair user and looks like any other standard passenger van. You can find a wide range of used Allied Mobility cars for sale; one may suit your needs.

Why driving is so important

1) It forces you to stay independent.

Independence is highly valued in the disabled community. It is a fundamental human right and having the ability to drive gives you that freedom.

2) It helps to reduce isolation.

Having a car prevents you from relying on other people for transportation. Being independent and making decisions for yourself prevents a lot of stressful situations that can arise if you are reliant on others for your needs.

3) It allows you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Being able to drive can keep you connected with your family and friends and help you to stay active, which may help to reduce isolation and loneliness.

4) It gives you a sense of empowerment.

If you like to drive, then it gives you the ability to take your own car anywhere in the world. In fact, if you prefer not to drive at all, this makes sense as a way to reduce stress and loneliness. On the other hand, if you are not able to drive and have no alternative way of getting around, this can be very isolating.

5) It helps to maintain your health.

It has been said that exercise is an important part of general health maintenance for able-bodied people. Being physically active through driving can help with maintaining your overall health level as well as raise your spirits and outlook on life.

6) It allows you to work

Reliance on public transport often limits where and when you can work. Removing this reliance by owning a car can make the difference between you working as an independent member of society or living on benefits because it’s too hard to get to work.

7) It’s great for entertainment.

Traveling wherever you want and whenever you want has opened up so many new opportunities to explore and experience things around the world. It allows you to develop your own taste in music, art, food, fashion, culture, and other things that beautifully enrich life.

There are many reasons why driving is important, and anyone with a disability should consider this. Many people think that if they live in rural areas where public transport rarely runs, it may not be possible to drive, and they would have to rely on others to get around. If you live in a city or have access to good public transport, however, there are still many advantages to driving.

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