8 famous musicians and their unusual hobbies

Linda Rider

The lives of musicians are not lived solely on phase, in the studio, or on the red carpet.

A guest article from Disctopia.

Now, if you think your favourite artists are paying out their days tucked away in a studio or playing audio, you are Incorrect. These folks are also humans who have time to pursue other interests. They are just as diversified as the rest of us! From accumulating beetles to designing home furnishings, each individual has special skills over and above what is necessary for their working day work.

Mastering about these non-music-associated pursuits may deliver you with the inspiration you have to have to discover your new quest–whether it be understanding how to cook an reliable paella or mastering your inventive capabilities.

So, below are just some of the a lot of hobbies famous musicians delight in in their free time.

1. Michael Jackson Was a Motorbike Mechanic

You’d surprise how the King of Pop would have experienced time doing the job on a motorbike. We all imagined he used his complete day producing audio and practicing new split dancing moves in a studio.

While Michael Jackson was known for his like of luxurious autos, but he was just as enthusiastic about cars and trucks, bikes, and racing in his youth. Ahead of turning into famous, he raced motorcycles close to the streets of Las Vegas with pals.

2. Coltrane Was an Avid Gardener

A person of the most nicely-regarded saxophonist and founders of a substantial design and style recognized as bebop jazz, John Coltrane, was also interested in horticulture! Possibly his really like for flowers took root when he left India to stay in Jersey Metropolis with his granddad when he was just a little one.

He would even elevate orchids inside of their home, later on transplant to pots on his porch. When he moved to Los Angeles, fifty percent of his money went towards leasing a back garden spot for himself and his spouse Alice, who shared this interest. Coltrane, having said that, by no means really learned horticulture himself as a substitute, he took gardening guidance from the neighbors.

3. Perry Was A Enthusiast Of Organic Treatments

Pink is recognized for her success in the tunes business, but she is also a perfectly-regarded pioneer for different drugs. She began with common Chinese medicine and herbs in the early 1980s by way of acupuncture and beliefs in therapeutic contact, then started studying about other alternate practices this kind of as reiki and vegetarianism in the 1990s.

She turned a vegetarian in 1997 but nonetheless drank milk to assistance her bones and was an enthusiastic consumer of option wellness solutions like wheatgrass and seaweed. She even tried to mature a beard as an different to shaving in the 1990s, before her husband stepped in to help her continue to keep it neat!

4. Segal Was A Bibliophile 

However he won the American Songlines ‘“Best Book of the Year” award for his album The Mild Inside of (2009), Paul Segal’s principal fascination has generally been studying.

He has a compact library at household that includes more than 7000 textbooks, like poetry, history, and novels. When he’s not performing on his music or looking at, you may obtain him in a library or bookstore.

5. Lee Was a Contemporary Artwork Collector 

Paul Lee has always had an curiosity in artwork, and it reveals in the artwork he chose for the address of his album A Superior Tomorrow (1985). The deal with attributes three paintings by Jim Flora which are at present on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Artwork.

For illustration, he collaborated with tattoo artist John “Flapjack” Riley to generate this portrait of then-President Ronald Reagan, which is now element of the everlasting collection at the museum as very well!

6. Moon Was a Bee Collector

Moon Kyung Sunshine was a massive supporter of insects and collected far more than 21,000 all through her occupation. Her very first collection commenced with the cockroaches she uncovered in the Korean countryside at age eight and ongoing by way of her time even though learning abroad.

She also collected butterflies and insects that never ever went to marketplace, such as scorpions. She would bring them back again to Korea and retain them in her house right until she sooner or later began advertising some to researchers at Seoul Countrywide College as section of a museum exhibit.

7. Tom Jones Was Intrigued In Architecture

Tom Jones has always been recognised to paint his own property, but he is also intrigued in architecture.

In 2012, the Welsh singer explained to the BBC that he tried using to construct his own home in Wales but was unsuccessful. But later on on, he prepared to build a new property in Mexico and even employed a Mexican architect. Tom Jones also made his daughter’s marriage ceremony costume!

8. Corgan was fascinated in Egyptology

In the early 1980s, then-manic pixie popstar and now-rock star Courtney Enjoy gave Tom Gorman a reserve called Egyptology: Checking out the Catacombs of Alexandria by Robert M. Braidwood describing her desire in Egyptian historical past.

She also told him that she realized one of the discoverers of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, Howard Carter, and questioned him to inform her about his job mainly because she wished to create a track about it.

Final Feelings on Musicians and Their Abnormal Hobbies

There are several examples of popular musicians with special hobbies, and these non-musical interests give them a properly-rounded character driving fame and cash. Some may even argue that these hobbies helped shape their professions.

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