Healthy tips to help diabetics kick-start their day

Linda Rider

Starting the day on a healthy and cheerful note sets the mood for the entire day right. Also, the signs you experience in your body upon waking up are a great signal of what lies within. Some feel acidic while some feel bloated and low in energy even as some are just a ray of sunshine upon waking up!

“The foods you have first thing in the morning, especially if you are diabetic, should be the ones that help you keep your blood sugar levels under control, soothe any discomforts and help you get ready to go!” said celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah.

Here’s what to consider.

*Hydration is the first thing to remember upon waking up. As your body is thirsty after hours of not having water during sleep, the first thing you need to do is consume 1-2 glasses of warm water to quench your thirst and revive your system.

*On rising, grind seven leaves each of baelpatta, curry patta, and basil in some water. “These leaves are a boon to the diabetic body. Drink this juice on an empty stomach for considerably low blood sugar levels throughout the day. Later, have Arjun chaal (a natural tree bark herb) water which is a great tonic to manage high sugar levels. To prepare it, soak 1 tbsp Arjun chaal powder in water overnight and drink it in the morning,” mentioned Shah.

*Many people experience heartburn or acidity upon waking up. This could be because of late dinner. “Try to keep your dinner time at least three hours before bedtime. To cure acidity upon waking up, have 8-10 soaked black raisins on empty stomach. Black raisins are rich in nutrients and neutralise the high acidic levels in your digestive system. People who feel bloated are advised to drink the tea made up of 1 tbsp cumin seeds, 1 cardamom, 1 tbsp fennel seeds, pinch of carom seeds in 500 ml water, boiled and brought to half. Make sure to drink it lukewarm, she said.

*Diabetics must have a light breakfast with seasonal fruits, and a combination of both carbohydrates and proteins. Having a full loaded breakfast of cereals is not advised in Ayurveda. “Actually, having a heavy breakfast is a myth as your body is still digesting last night’s dinner. It will be an added burden on your digestive system to digest an even heavier breakfast,” she remarked.

diabetes, blood sugar It is important to keep a tab on sugar consumption. (Source: Pixabay)

Instead, you can add natural protein sources to your homemade breakfast and have things like poha along with sprouts, eggs with gluten-fried toast, oats porridge with overnight soaked sprouts!

*Ash gourd is an ideal vegetable with soothing benefits as it is alkaline, making it an excellent choice to have  mid-morning to balance the blood sugar spikes. Have it as a juice — ½ ash gourd (approx 250 gm) and ½ sliced lemon.

*Avoid having tea or coffee first thing in the morning as they are the number one cause of acidity, constipation, and all gastric problems. “Also, do not practice ‘Virudh Ahaar’ like mixing milk with fruits, which is a very common mistake,” she mentioned.

Keep your mornings simple and hassle-free, meditate, and do not participate in stress-building activities to keep the blood sugar in check!

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