Seven anti-vaccine doctors catch Covid at Florida ‘summit’ for alternative treatment

Linda Rider

7 anti-vaccine physicians who attended a “summit” in Florida touting ivermectin and other different “treatments” for Covid-19 have contracted the condition. The doctors gathered for the party on 6 November to discuss “natural immunity”, thriving outpatient regimens for the remedy of Covid and obtaining spiritual and professional medical exemptions from vaccines, […]

Ohio senator joined anti-vaccine panel hyping debunked, ‘alternative’ COVID treatments

Linda Rider

An Ohio senator joined a conference of anti-vaccine advocates hyping “alternative” COVID-19 treatment plans, several of which like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are explicitly warned from by regulators, public well being officials and health-related associations. Condition Sen. Andrew Brenner, R-Delaware, was introduced as a “surprise specific guest” amid a panel that […]

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