The Complete Hip Replacement Guide

Linda Rider

A hip replacement surgery is also known as arthroplasty. It is a process whereby a surgeon removes a hip joint’s diseased parts before replacing them with artificial components that mimic the typical hip joint’s functions. This procedure is necessary if you have arthritis or osteonecrosis. The hip joint is the […]

Health News Roundup: China reports 59,938 COVID-related hospital deaths since Dec. 8; WHO says its chief spoke with Chinese officials, welcomes COVID-19 data and more

Linda Rider

Pursuing is a summary of present health news briefs. &#13 U.S. Fda, CDC see early signal of probable Pfizer bivalent COVID shot connection to stroke &#13 A safety checking procedure flagged that U.S. drugmaker Pfizer Inc and German lover BioNTech’s up-to-date COVID-19 shot could be joined to a type of […]

Rural hospital closures cluster in poor, diverse counties

Linda Rider

By Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven In the past decade, rural hospitals that shuttered tended to be in rural counties with lower incomes, higher levels of unemployment, and higher proportions of Black and Latino residents. That finding comes from a recent study conducted by researchers at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health […]

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