COVID-19 funds may mask rural hospitals’ true outlook

Linda Rider

By Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven Between the start of the pandemic and February 2021, rural hospitals nationwide received nearly $15 billion in federal relief dollars, according to researchers at UNC’s Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research.  But while the money helped slow the pace of rural hospital closures and enabled […]

Nearly half of rural hospitals lose money on births

Linda Rider

By Liz Carey Daily Yonder About 40 percent of rural hospitals are losing money on their obstetrics programs, but many continue to provide the service because of its importance for community health, a new study shows. Losing childbirth services can also be a harbinger of hard times for a rural […]

Helping Hospitals Get Disaster-Ready | Health News

Linda Rider

The listing of stressors on the overall health treatment technique is challenging: local climate modify and catastrophic temperature events, mass casualty incidents, cybersecurity attacks, understaffing and workforce burnout are just some of the issues that have been confronting well being executives for a long time. Increase a international pandemic to […]

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