KFF’s Kaiser Health News and CBS News Team Up to Investigate a Dental Device That Allegedly Has Left a Trail of Mangled Mouths and Devastated Patients

Linda Rider

In a months-long challenge, KFF’s Kaiser Health and fitness Information correspondent Brett Kelman joined forces with CBS News Countrywide Purchaser Investigative Correspondent Anna Werner to look into an unregulated dental system that is at the coronary heart of many accounts of suffering and disfigurement. At the very least 10,000 dental […]

Some providers ignore psych patients’ directives

Linda Rider

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to stigma attached to mental illness and psychiatric hospitalization, this article assigns the pseudonyms Sue and Michael to a mother and son in Charlotte. NC Health News verified their identities and reviewed legal and medical records relevant to this story.  If you need mental health support, call […]

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