Sick at school? – North Carolina Health News

Linda Rider

By Michelle Crouch Co-published with Charlotte Ledger One morning last month, Ben Jacobs, a senior at Myers Park High School, woke up feeling nauseated with a terrible headache. He ran to the bathroom and vomited. Then he pulled himself together and hustled to school before the end of first period. […]

Should I skip Thanksgiving if I feel sick?

Linda Rider

By Rose Hoban The number of travelers on the move for the Thanksgiving holiday is up with airports expected to screen as many as 2.5 million passengers nationwide today, and possibly surpass that number on Sunday, Nov. 27, according to the federal Transportation Security Administration. “We expect to be busier […]

Can depression make you sick?

Linda Rider

Despair is a widespread psychological health and fitness dysfunction that affects persons of all ages and backgrounds. It is also identified as significant depressive dysfunction, and it can lead to physical indications, which includes sickness. Even though the most frequent signs of depression are psychological, this sort of as sensation […]

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