Fatima Sana Shaikh goes candid about her epilepsy diagnosis; 8 steps to help someone suffering from a seizure

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Fatima Sana Shaikh opens up on her battle with epilepsy Pic Credit Instagram

Fatima Sana Shaikh opens up on her battle with epilepsy. Pic Credit: Instagram

Recently, Dangal actress Fatima Sana Sheikh obtained candid about dwelling with epilepsy on her question-me-nearly anything Instagram session. The 30-yr-old actress was diagnosed with the nervous system problem even though training for her 2016 Aamir Khan starrer movie.
For the duration of the session, she said remaining in denial for 5 decades right after she was first identified with epilepsy and how she came to phrases with it sooner or later. Celebrating the epilepsy month, she performed this session to raise recognition about the affliction and remove the stigma linked with it.

If you are a person who is new to this expression and are curious to know all about it, here is some simple facts and details about epilepsy, its which means, will cause, indicators and how to mentally offer with the situation.

What is epilepsy?

According to Mayo Clinic, epilepsy is a ailment influencing the central anxious procedure due to which the mind tends to act in an irregular manner. This final results in seizures, unconventional behaviour and even loss of awareness.

How does epilepsy come about?

Epilepsy seizures take place differently for a variety of folks. For some it could be silent while others tend to twitch their arms and legs. For a individual to be considered epileptic, he/she need to have two seizures due to an unfamiliar bring about going on at least 24 hours apart.

Leads to of epilepsy

Certain aspects can result in a human being to have epilepsy, these include:

Head trauma :

An damage to the head although slipping, getting in a motor vehicle accident, or any other traumatic damage

Autism :

From time to time epilepsy can also stem out of developmental diseases these as autism

Genetics :

A man or woman with epilepsy enduring a certain kind of seizure can be passed down to their offspring as well

Infections :

Parasitic infections this kind of as neurocysticercosis and other ailments these types of as HIV and Meningitis can bring about epilepsy

Indications of epilepsy

Mayo Clinic describes a individual acquiring a seizure to practical experience the adhering to:

– Sensation of dread and nervousness

– Deja vu

– Temporary confusion

– Stiff muscle groups

– Reduction of awareness

– Twitching of arms and legs

When addressing the fears and issues posed by her admirers, a single netizen in particular requested what to do if a particular person is dealing with the seizures by itself. Fatima, then described that one can do nothing at all if the epileptic client is by yourself, this is what 1 can do if they are all around an individual struggling from a seizure:

– Will not retrain the particular person.

– Will not place anything at all in their mouth.

– Change the person to a person facet. So, if they toss up, they do not choke on it.

– Be aware the period of the seizure.

– Move sharp objects away.

– Let it move.

– Just take the human being to the clinic if the episode lasts for much more than 5-10 minutes.

– Most importantly stay relaxed and you should not panic.

Know these guidelines to enable another person going through an epileptic seizure.

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