Give Your Furry Friend the Best Support in 2023

Linda Rider


Since our cats bring so much joy and love into our lives, we want to do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy. 

That’s where CBD oil for cats comes in. 

While it’s still important to consult with your veterinarian before giving CBD oil to your pet, many cat owners find that it can help with various issues, including anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the top 5 pet CBD oil options specifically designed for cats. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and we’re excited to share our top picks with you. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality, full-spectrum oil or a more budget-friendly option, we’ve got you covered.

So if you’re ready to learn more about the potential benefits of CBD oil for your furry friend, and find the perfect product for your cat, keep reading!

  1. Overall Best CBD Oil: CBDfx Pet Tincture
  2. Best for Joint Pain: Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil
  3. Best High-Potency Option: CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture
  4. Best for Cats New To CBD: Green Roads Small Dog & Cat CBD Pet Drops
  5. Best for Stress Relief: The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Hemp Oil

There are two key types of CBD oils on this list. Some are formulated specifically for cats, and others are formulated for both cats and dogs. However, every one of these products exceeds industry standards and is beloved by customers, both human and feline. We encourage you to choose one that suits your kitty’s needs and give it a try.

1 - CBDfx.png

CBDfx Pet Tincture is our choice for Best Overall CBD oil for cats because of its potent formula made with broad spectrum CBD, desirable bacon flavor and human-grade ingredients. CBDfx is a leader in the CBD industry and has been crafting powerful, effective human CBD products for years. They follow the same high-quality standards when making CBD for pets. The company carefully sources their hemp from Kentucky, which is grown using the latest organic farming practices.

Customers use CBCfx Pet Tincture to manage a wide range of ailments with good results. Some reviewers mention it calms their cats when they’re away for the day. Customers also like to use this CBD oil for cats before stressful trips to the vet or groomer. Cats with joint pain tend to feel looser and more limber after a dose of CBDfx Pet Tincture. It’s a great choice for picky cats, too. Reviewers find that their cats enjoy the bacon flavor; many drink it straight from the dropper.


  • Medically reviewed by a veterinarian
  • Lab tested for safety and CBD content
  • Contains broad spectrum CBD
  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • Bacon flavor that picky cats adore


Each 30 mL bottle of CBDfx Pet Tincture contains a generous 250 mg of broad spectrum CBD sourced from organic, non-GMO hemp. This bacon-flavored CBD oil for cats is also Certified Cruelty-Free and vegan, and CBDfx stands behind it with a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Learn more at

2 - Penelope_s Bloom.png

For cats who struggle with joint pain due to arthritis or an old injury, we recommend hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD products from Penelope’s Bloom. This brand was our choice in the Best for Joint Pain category because they offer both oral and topical CBD products made with potent full-spectrum CBD oil.

Penelope’s Bloom CBD Balm is easy to apply to your cat’s achy joints. It is absorbed quickly through the skin and reduces inflammation and pain. Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Cats is a good choice for oral use. Formulated with full-spectrum CBD, it helps improve mobility, reduce stress, and improve appetite. Cats enjoy the Wild Alaskan Salmon flavor and the salmon oil offers additional anti-inflammatory benefits.

Penelope’s Bloom is a pet-focused CBD company founded by the human mom of Penelope, a French Bulldog who suffered from Intervertebral Disc Disease. CBD helped keep Penelope comfortable and mobile, which made her owner want to share it with the world. Reviewers cannot stop raving about the effectiveness of both of these Penelope’s Bloom products. Many customers use the Cat CBD Oil for older cats; it helps keep them active and agile.


  • Potent full-spectrum CBD formula
  • Vegan and non-GMO products
  • Formulated with additional ingredients for inflammation relief
  • Lab reports available on the company’s website
  • Free from pesticide residues and harsh chemicals


Penelope’s Bloom CBD Balm comes in two sizes: 150 mg (1 ounce) and 300 mg (2 ounces). Both are vegan, non-GMO, and formulated with soothing shea butter and essential oils. Their CBD Oil for Cats comes in a 30 mL bottle containing 150 mg CBD. It’s formulated with wild Alaskan salmon oil and MCT oil.

Learn more at

3 - CBDistillery.png

Large cats, cats with digestive system maladies and cats with severe anxiety may require a higher-than-usual dose of CBD. For cats like these, we recommend CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture. This CBD oil for cats was the winner in our Best High-Potency Option category because each 1 mL dropper provides 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD. The bottle also includes dosage guidelines for cats in various weight categories.

CBDistillery takes pride in creating wellness products using 100% clean ingredients. They are a big player in the human CBD industry, and their pet CBD products are quickly gaining prominence. The company’s mission is to provide an alternative path to health and balanced life – for humans and their pets.

Cat owners love this hemp derived CBD oil for cats because it goes to work quickly and helps with a wide range of ailments. Some customers use it for pain relief. Others find it useful for managing seasonal allergies, itchy skin, stress, or loss of appetite. Thanks to the high-potency formula, most customers only need to give their cats a few drops.


  • Strong formula: 600 mg CBD per 30 mL bottle
  • Formulated with potent full-spectrum CBD
  • Safe for both dogs and cats
  • Made from non-GMO, naturally farmed hemp


Each 30 mL bottle of CBD Pet Tincture contains a generous 600 mg of CBD. This non-GMO product is formulated with full-spectrum CBD plus organic hemp seed oil, which has its own antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Learn more at

4 - Green Roads.png

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil offers a gentle formula perfect for introducing your pet to the benefits of CBD. This pharmacist-formulated CBD oil contains a moderate amount of CBD per serving and has been specifically designed for cats and small dogs up to 15 pounds. Reviewers report that this oil helps keep their cats calmer and less anxious. Even if you primarily use it for cats struggling with stress, sleeplessness, joint pain, or restlessness, you can also use it for skin relief and itching.

Green Roads is a family-oriented, community-based company founded in 2013. As one of the first CBD companies in the U.S., they have helped expand the hemp industry with pure, reliable products. Their CBD oils have received thousands of 5-star reviews, including many from pet owners like yourself.


  • Formulated by pharmacists
  • Made with tummy-friendly MCT oil
  • No artificial colors or flavorings
  • Gluten-free


Green Roads Pet CBD Oil contains 60 mg CBD in a 30 mL bottle. This CBD oil for cats provides 2 mg CBD per 1 mL. It’s free from gluten, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.

Learn more at

5 - Anxious Pet.png

Thanks to its potent formula and safe ingredients, The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Hemp Oil is an excellent choice for cats who struggle with stress and anxiety. Give it to your cat before a trip to the vet, when adapting to a new home, or before leaving for the day.

The founders of The Anxious Pet owned several cats who struggled with anxiety and they created their company to help other pet owners in the same boat. Their thoughtful, calming products contain safe, natural ingredients like full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. They rely on scientific research, veterinarian-created formulas, and third-party testing for safety and quality assurance. This makes it a good choice for cats with allergies and food sensitivities.

Reviewers find this CBD oil for cats effective for anxiety and stress, pain relief, and overall wellness. Most customers add it to their cat’s food or as a treat for easy dosing.


  • Potent formula: 400 mg CBD in a 30 mL bottle
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • No added harsh chemicals or preservatives
  • Comes in a convenient dropper bottle


The Anxious Pet Relax & Roll Hemp Oil 30 mL bottle comes in two strengths — 400 mg of CBD and 800 mg of CBD per bottle. This simple formula features just full-spectrum CBD oil and organic coconut oil. Included is a dropper with mL measurements for easy dosing.

Learn more at

We’re confident these five brands make the best CBD oil for cats on the market. Why? Well, we did the work to narrow down the competition. We started by reading a little about each brand we were considering. As we did so, we compiled a list of CBD brands that adhered to the highest of quality and testing standards. Brands with professional hemp organization memberships, those that submit their products for lab testing, and those who employ real vets and medical professionals rose to the top of our list.

After learning about the brands themselves, we started reading reviews – with close scrutiny. We looked for products customers could not stop raving about. If they had something negative to say, we dug deeper to find out whether it was situational or a common issue.

Finally, we put these CBD products to the test with our own cats. We paid attention to which ones our kitties liked best. We also kept an eye on symptoms such as itchiness, anxiety, and sore joints to see which CBD oil for cats led to the most improvement. In a way, you could say that our cats picked the winners. However, we did the legwork beforehand to narrow down their options.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Owners often wonder, “is CBD oil safe for cats?” In most cases, the answer is “yes.” You will want to check with your vet before giving CBD to a cat who is pregnant, or to one who has had side effects with medications or supplements before. However, for the average cat in reasonable health, there’s no reason to be concerned about giving them CBD.

CBD does not make cats feel high. Overdoses are rare, and if your cat does accidentally consume too much CBD, the side effects are generally mild. Your cat will probably just be extra sleepy until the excess CBD wears off.

You do need to be careful not to give cats CBD products that may contain more than a trace amount of THC. Cats are much more sensitive to THC than humans, and even a small amount can cause side effects like extreme nausea, vomiting, and fainting. This is one reason why you should only ever give your cat CBD oil for cats, and not a more generalized CBD oil marketed to humans. Humans are more tolerant of trace levels of THC, and products made for humans may contain slightly more THC than is safe for cats to consume.

If your cat does consume a product containing THC, take them to the vet. While there is no specific antidote to THC, the vet can administer supportive treatments like IV fluids and anti-nausea medications. This will keep your cat more comfortable until their body is able to clear the THC.

Benefits of CBD For Cats

Some people give their cats CBD oil for a specific reason. Others give their cats CBD to manage multiple health concerns with one substance. Here are some of the most common benefits owners observe when using CBD oil for cats.

Pain Relief

Cats can struggle with pain due to a degenerative joint disease like arthritis. Or, they may have pain related to an old or recent injury. There are not a lot of safe pain relievers to give cats, which is one reason CBD for cats is becoming more common. The CBD binds to pain receptors throughout the cat’s body and can help keep them more comfortable throughout the day.

If your cat has been diagnosed with a painful condition such as cancer, pancreatitis, or IBS, ask your vet about giving them CBD alongside any other medications they’ve been prescribed. CBD is usually safe to give in combination with other meds, but it’s best to clear with your vet for extra assurance.

Reduced Inflammation

CBD is excellent at reducing inflammation throughout the body. So many health issues that arise in cats are due to inflammation. Asthma is an inflammation of the airways. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. Even irritable bowel syndrome has an inflammatory element as it causes the intestinal lining to swell and inflame.

Giving your cat CBD on a daily basis can help reduce this inflammation, which may allow them to heal faster from an acute disease. Or, if your cat suffers from a chronic inflammatory disease like IBS, a CBD oil for cats can give them a better quality of life on a daily basis. The best CBD oil for a cat with IBS is one with a simple formula and few added ingredients.

Healthier Digestion

Does your cat struggle with frequent bouts of diarrhea, or perhaps with constipation? That may have irritable bowel syndrome. This often goes undiagnosed in cats because there are no specific tests for it. CBD can help by reducing inflammation in the intestines. The best CBD oil for cats with IBS is often one containing CBD hemp oil. The omega-3 fatty acids it contains have potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Calmer Personality

Cat owners often give their cats hemp derived CBD oil to calm anxiety and ease stress. Here are some situations in which a dose of calming CBD can prove incredibly helpful.

  • Before you bring home a new baby
  • When introducing a new cat to the home
  • When remodeling your home
  • Before moving your cat to a new home
  • Before having guests over to visit
  • When taking your cat to the vet, groomer, or other professional

Even if your cat is not the stressed-out type, you may find that they handle transitions and changes in routine more easily once you start giving them CBD.

Cats who act out, such as urinating outside the litter box, often do so out of stress. CBD oil for cats can help reduce or eliminate these stress-related behaviors.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

There is no guarantee that CBD will prevent your cat from ever developing cancer. However, it can reduce their risk of cancer when given regularly. CBD has been shown to have effects which diminish and prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the body. More specifically, it can help keep cancer cells from replicating.

Giving CBD oil for cats to a cat with cancer may also help slow the growth and progression of their cancer. It should not be considered a cancer cure, but it can certainly be a helpful treatment. Talk to your vet about including CBD in your cat’s cancer treatment protocol.

How to Use CBD Oil for Cats

CBD oil for cats should be given orally. You can give it to your cat just as you would any other liquid medication. There are three ways to do this, and the best option depends on what your cat will tolerate.

Option 1: Mix It Into Food

This is usually the easiest way to give your cat some CBD oil. Just mix their dose into some wet food. If you already give your cat wet food morning and evening, then you can add CBD each time you feed them and be confident they’re getting their twice-a-day dose.

If you do not give your cat wet food, you may want to buy a small amount just for the purposes of giving them their CBD. Mix the CBD oil for cats into a spoonful of cats, and let your cat enjoy it. You can store the extra wet food in the fridge until it’s time for another dose.

Option 2: Put it on a Treat

If you don’t want to give your cat wet food or don’t have any on-hand, try putting the CBD oil on a treat and feeding the treat to your cat. This approach only works when your cat needs a few drops of CBD oil. Larger doses will just roll off most treats. For best results, use soft, “chewy” cat treats and not hard, crunchy ones.

The best CBD oil for cats who eat their oil on treats is usually a high-potency one. This allows you to administer only a few drops.

Option 3: Give it Directly

Some cats are quite picky and won’t eat treats or wet cat food once CBD oil has been added. In this case, you may need to give your cat the CBD oil by squeezing it directly into their mouth.

Hold your cat in your lap, and cradle their head in your hand. Use one hand to gently tilt their head back, all the while holding the scruff of their neck. Most cats will open their mouths when held in this position. You can then maneuver the dropper so the tip is just behind your cat’s back canine teeth. Squeeze the dropper gently to drop the medication onto the cat’s tongue. Do not shoot the CBD oil into the back of the cat’s throat as this may cause them to inhale it and cough.

After you’ve dispensed the CBD, let go of your cat and let them close their mouth. Speak to your cat soothingly to let them know everything is okay. Give them a treat if they’ll accept one.

If you find that you have to give your cat their CBD oil directly, the best CBD oil is usually a flavored one. In time, a cat will often realize that a CBD product flavored like bacon or beef tastes good, and then they’ll be more open to being given the medication. Some cats eventually end up licking it out of the dropper on their own.

If you purchase CBD oil for cats, it should come with some dosing instructions. However, some cats respond more strongly to CBD than others, so there is some room for variation in dosing.

A good starting dose is usually 0.2 mg of CBD per kg of body weight, given twice a day. So, for example, if your cat weighs 3 kg, you could give them 0.6 mg of CBD twice a day.

You will, of course, need to figure out what volume of CBD oil you need to give your cat to deliver that 0.6 mg dose. Check the product label for that information. If your CBD oil contains 1 mg CBD per mL, then an 0.6 mg dose will be 0.6 mL. Most droppers are marked so you can easily fill them up to the desired amount.

Pay attention to how your cat responds to the initial CBD dose that you give them. If you don’t notice a marked reduction in the symptoms you’re trying to manage, then you can increase your cat’s dose slightly in the days to follow.

Side effects are rare as long as the CBD product you give your cat truly was made specifically for cats. In rare cases, cats may experience the following symptoms after being given CBD:

  • Fatigue and laziness
  • Diarrhea or loose stools
  • Popping outside the litter box — usually this is related to diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Excessive drinking — usually this is because their mouth feels dry

If your cat experiences side effects from CBD, try reducing their dose. Some cats are more sensitive to CBD than others and may simply need a smaller dose to avoid side effects. Also pay close attention to how much CBD oil you’re giving your cat. If you’re not drawing it into the dropper carefully, you might be accidentally giving too much. Consult the bottle to determine how much CBD your cat should be getting based on their weight, and don’t give more than is recommended.

You may also try switching to a different CBD oil for cats. A simpler formula is less likely to cause side effects. For instance, if the CBD oil you’re currently using contains an artificial flavoring, this might be what’s bothering your cat – not the CBD itself. Look for a CBD oil for cats that contains only CBD and a carrier oil, such as CBD hemp oil. These simpler CBD oils are easier on cats’ stomachs.

Does CBD make cats feel high?

No, CBD is not psychoactive and will not make a cat feel high.

Cats will feel high if they ingest cannabis products containing THC, such as cannabis edibles. This is not a pleasant experience for cats and can lead to seizures, extreme lethargy, and an upset stomach. Do not give your cat cannabis edibles or allow them to consume cannabis flowers.

What should you do if your cat won’t eat CBD oil?

This is not an uncommon problem. Some cats are really picky and do not like CBD oils, even when the product is flavored like beef, chicken, or something else cats typically enjoy.

If your cat won’t eat their CBD oil, there are a few things you can try. First, try mixing the oil into some wet cat food. Use a really strongly scented food, such as salmon, as this will better mask the scent and flavor of the CBD oil. If this does not work, you may want to look for some CBD cat treats. Sometimes, these are formulated to better mask the flavor of the CBD and are more appealing to picky cats.

Can you apply CBD oils directly to cats’ skin?

Most CBD oils for cats are formulated to be given orally. If you do apply the CBD oil to your cat’s skin, no harm is likely to come of it. However, the CBD oil probably won’t absorb well and may leave your cat’s coat looking and feeling oily and slick.

If you want to use CBD topically on your cat, look for a product made specifically for this application. There are several brands that make CBD creams, roll-ons, and salves for cats. These topical products are good for managing allergy symptoms, itching, and minor wounds.

Is broad spectrum CBD oil okay for cats?

Full spectrum hemp CBD oil contains all of the cannabinoids from hemp, often including traces of THC. Broad spectrum CBD oil is CBD oil that has had some of the cannabinoids – usually THC – removed.

Some cat-specific hemp CBD oil is a broad-spectrum CBD oil, and they are totally fine for cats. However, you still don’t want to give your cat a broad-spectrum CBD oil made for humans. It may contain added colors or flavors that are not safe for cats. Whether full spectrum or broad spectrum, the best CBD oil for cats is always one made specifically for cats.


If your cat struggles with anxiety, itchiness, joint pain, or even irritable bowel syndrome, consider making CBD products a part of their daily routine. There are plenty of great CBD products formulated specifically for cats. The top five brands listed above are good ones to consider. As you begin to integrate CBD into your cat’s routine, pay attention to how their symptoms progress, and adjust the dosage accordingly. Your cat will tell you all you need to know – and often, they tell their owners just how appreciative they are for this safe, natural remedy and the relief it provides.

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