How regular intercourse can keep you away from ED?

Linda Rider

Men who seem to be having more intercourse with partners seem to be having fewer chances of having ED. yes, this has been a curious type of observation that has been found as per data of experiments and research.

Some doctors say that the more sex you have the more you are going to stay healthy and the more you can stay away from ED.

In this article, we will dive deep into male fantasies and sexual rhythms and their relationships in between and find out how having more sex can keep away ED.

There is a lot to discuss, so let’s begin…

Having more sex can keep you mentally healthy

When you have more sex doctors say that this can help you to keep mentally healthy and joyous. Doctors say that on reaching climax and finally when you ejaculate it releases adrenaline for the excitement is at its peak at this stage and even dopamine which is a hormone that ensures that you have feelings of satisfaction and joy.

This is vital for preventing feelings of depression, anxiety, or even stress. When you don’t have sex you don’t employ this remedy that nature has inbuilt into your body systems to try and get rid of psychological problems. some doctors say that having sex can also ensure better sleep and prevents chances of sleep problems such as insomnia or sleep apnea. Even if you are suffering from ED have your daily pill of Cenforce 100 but ensure to have sex more.

Having more sex can keep your heart and blood flow to normal healthy levels

When you have regular sex doctors say that it can help you to keep your heart and blood flow levels to healthier margins. You see when you are having sex, ad excitement levels are at their peak the blood flow would automatically rise as your heartbeat increases. Initially, the brain gives signals to the heart to pump blood more effectively to the penis region in particular.

Doctors say that this is good for your body. It can help prevent chances of a heart attack or heart failure in elder men above the age of 40s according to some research.

Even the blood flow levels are in the normal range and according to some health researchers, this can prevent high blood pressure too. It seems that having more sex can be a counter remedy for those men who are having pills such as Cenforce 200.

Having more sex keeps away chances of prostate diseases

Some doctors have found through extensive research that having sex can prevent diseases relating to the prostate gland in males. Doctors have done a lot of human trials and generically found out that men who are having more sex per week that is three or more times are generally indicated to have fewer chances of having prostate disorders such as the formation of tumors or prostate cancer.

Although scientists don’t have much explanation for this and it is due to a lack of foundation evidence that more research needs to be done in this field. But certainly based on the research that has been done till now there is indeed some positive indication.

Having more sex keeps your penis tissues healthier

When you have sex your penis tissues will increase in girth and this is due to higher blood flows through them. Having more sex allows your penis tissues to maintain this level of elasticity where they can grow hard into an erected state more easily.

Sometimes doctors say that men who do not have more than two sexual meetings per week may have higher refractory periods.

Data based on such research is very limited. But some indications show it to be an inherent possibility. In case you do not know what the refractory period is well, it is the time taken by your penis to grow hard and erect after having ejaculated.

Over a long period, this may lead to impotency problems. this may be one of the prime reasons why you are having to take pills such as Fildena 100.

Bring up these changes to have the same intensity and desire for having sex

Do you want to have more sex? Do you want to keep up to the levels of intensity as in your prime? Well, it seems that some simple homely changes can help you to reduce your buying dependence on ED pills from online websites such as and even allow you to increase your sexual vigor and hunger.

Here are some of the usual recommendations that doctors and sex experts provide-

Doing exercises such as running, jogging, swimming, and cycling

Having a healthy diet and preventing intake of more fats and carbs

Doing yoga and meditation for stress management

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