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There are many misconceptions bordering cancer treatment in Kerala. These are not wrong notions persisting in Kerala alone, but the total of India. Without doubt, the misconceptions are engendered by ignorance and outcome in concern psychosis. This procedure has been section historical and partly triggered by the unfold of half-baked truths or erroneous info. Right here is a record of this kind of wrong principles anyone connected with the treatment of cancer ought to be informed of:

Most cancers is a demise sentence:

Numerous persons consider that a cancer prognosis is a loss of life sentence, but with improvements in health care engineering and early detection, lots of sorts of most cancers can be dealt with and treated. The simple fact is cancer is a mixed bag and the prognosis and cure solutions fluctuate dependent on the internet site of the cancer and its stage at presentation. The previously it is identified the greater the treatment amount and hence its important to handle any considerations with a experienced clinical professional

Different drugs is far better:

Some persons think that alternate medications are extra efficient than typical most cancers treatment plans like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Even so, there is confined scientific evidence to assist these promises. Some men and women think that cancer solutions like chemotherapy or radiation treatment cause extra damage than good. These conclusions are based on anecdotal tales or untrustworthy net blogs and web-sites that could have vested financial interests in peddling alternate types of treatment plans to even more their passions. Nonetheless, chemotherapy and radiation therapy have proven to be productive in treating cancer and saving lives and are evidence based.

Most cancers treatment method is costly:

Whilst some most cancers remedies can be costly, there are numerous economical choices offered, which includes governing administration-operate hospitals and insurance coverage protection. As well being consciousness increases in society, the coverage protection uptake also would be envisioned to enhance which would simplicity the fiscal stress for the afflicted individual.

Most cancers is prompted by a one variable:

Lots of folks think that most cancers is prompted by a person precise factor, such as unhealthy way of life practices or publicity to harmful substances. In reality, cancer is a advanced condition that is induced by a mix of genetic and environmental variables. Most cancers development is a elaborate interaction amongst the many environmental factors or extrinsic elements and genetic elements or intrinsic things. Many of the environmental or extrinsic components are modifiable in other words we can act on them to lower our hazards these kinds of as quitting smoking cigarettes, preserving a healthier bodyweight, averting or decreasing liquor usage, decreasing the ingestion of processed meat etcetera.

Cancer is contagious

Even though some cancers can be brought on by viruses and bacteria, cancers on their own are not contagious and can’t be distribute from 1 man or woman to a different by near speak to. Cancer sufferers will need compassion and guidance to assistance them get by way of complicated cases and the last matter they will need is isolation. It is important to teach oneself and find correct details from credible sources to dispel these misconceptions and make certain that 1 gets the very best achievable cure.

(Dr Dhanasekaran VK is Advisor. Radiation Oncology, KIMSHEALTH Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram)

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