Live Well: Live healthily, feel healthy

Linda Rider
Including healthy foods in your diet for the new year is important.

With most people’s new 12 months resolutions now two months in the rearview mirror, it may perhaps be time for a bit of a improve a reminder that those plans do not have to go by the wayside, and that a balanced way of life seriously is doable.

Lucy Sorenson, registered dietitian for the LiVe Properly Center at Intermountain St. George Regional Hospital, mentioned it can be as primary and drilling down to ascertain the details of an individual’s wellbeing targets.

“People say, ‘I know what to do, I just do not do it,’ or ‘I really don’t know how to do it,’” Sorenson claimed. “But figuring out what the ‘it’ is, which is an crucial move. They may say, ‘I want to reduce 50 pounds,’ but that’s not what is motivating them. It may in fact be, ‘I want to go strolling with my pals and not come to feel out of breath’, or ‘I want to get off my cholesterol medicine.’”

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Purpose, Procedure, Results & More

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