What is Double Leg Kick in Pilates?

Linda Rider

In Pilates, the Double Leg Kick is an intermediate-level exercising that exemplifies lumbar extension and leg extension power. It targets the again, hamstrings, and core, to be specific. While only the legs and spine are prolonged in this movement, the full body is engaged.

How to Conduct the Double Leg Kick?

This training is an intermediate-stage movement that involves a good volume of prior knowledge in Pilates, and consequently it is advised that a single performs the Solitary Leg Kick 1st. To perform the Double Leg Kick, start off by lying down on a mat, turning your head on its facet and holding your legs wrapped collectively. The steps are as follows:

  1. Lock your arms at the rear of your backbone and situation them behind your back, as superior as you can.
  2. In buy to help motion, intertwining your thumbs will aid a lot easier motion.
  3. Launch your elbows so they fall to the floor.
  4. Breathe in and pull your stomach in, as you move your belly absent from the mat.
  5. Force your pelvic bone down towards the mat, with your reduced again a bit off the ground.
  6. Extend as much as you can while holding your upper body lifted.
  7. Elevate your knees off the ground while pointing your toes.
  8. Bend your left leg at the knee, transferring it back again and forth.
  9. Reduced your left leg and conduct the exact same motion with your correct leg. Repeat 4-5 moments per side.

Gains of the Double Leg Kick

The Double Leg Kick encourages all-round versatility, harmony, posture and also boosts main toughness. Given that it will help with back again and hip flexibility, it can avert the possibility of damage and raise endurance. This physical exercise engages the two ends of the again and hamstring, resulting in a lean, toned physique.

Prevalent Mistakes

The Double Leg Kick is a advanced and demanding workout. It calls for knowledge and awareness of pilates, as nicely as in general versatility. In an exercising like this, appropriate sort is very important. As a novice practitioner of pilates, preserve your eyes peeled for glitches.

A typical mistake is lifting your hips off the mat. When kicking, your hips really should stay locked on the mat. Though it could seem to be hard, it is very important to do so.

A further typical miscalculation is the incapacity to keep steady when kicking. Whilst executing the kick pulse movement, it is important to reduce your overall body from rocking again and forth, as such motion would destroy the whole exercise. Continue to keep your human body secure and limit the movement to just your legs. Remember to go meticulously and slowly but surely, as fast, exaggerated movements can direct to injuries.

Suggestions and Methods to Follow

Possibly the most challenging facet of the Double Leg Kick is stabilizing the pelvis and participating the hamstrings to avert the lessen back again from getting far too considerably load. The finest way to prep for this workout is to get ready the necessary muscle tissue in progress. Make confident your again is secure and sturdy, when your knees are flexible and cellular.

The purpose is to create the innermost section of your hamstring, although utilizing the outermost aspect of the hamstring to do all the get the job done. Squeezing your legs together would make it possible for the interior muscle tissue to acquire. Weak hamstrings frequently lead to weak knees, and in get to produce the two, and further more enhance your Double Leg Kick, this is a should.

Make absolutely sure to retain a reliable arch with your back again, adjusting the top as you go. The upper back, together with your neck, should keep on being stable at all instances, whilst your upper body and head continue being elevated. You have to be certain that the arm extension does not disrupt the posture of the upper body and head.

The critical is to remain slim. Prolong your legs tightly as you visualize your stomach muscles staying central and your overall body remaining restricted and compact. Make sure to continue to be aligned. If you goal to obtain solid hamstrings, balanced knees, establish a solid core and a fantastic back, these guidelines are just what you need to have to abide by.


The Double Leg Kick may perhaps seem to be challenging at very first, owing to the large quantities of practical experience required to execute it, but it is not all that challenging. Even newcomers with sufficient apply can execute this training inside a couple months. The important is to execute smaller movements and eventually establish up to the workout. Guarantee that you stretch comprehensively, both in advance of and following your routines, as this will make certain appropriate mobility and restoration. Stretching and ideal form are the two most crucial variables in pulling this movement off.

Make guaranteed that you accomplish this workout only underneath suitable supervision of specialised staff, as incorrect movements and speedy motions can lead to serious accidents. With these suggestions, you are now ready to carry out a Double Leg Kick!

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