WhyReviews Launches Research Service to Define the Real Benefits of CBD

Linda Rider

Their mission is to create an unbiased, community-driven source for CBD product data

SAN FRANCISCO, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WhyReviews—an emerging authority in CBD research, today launched a proprietary review platform to accurately define the benefits of CBD. The company is focusing initial efforts on collecting reviews spanning thousands of products of popular CBD brands.

WhyReviews has created a standardized review form developed in collaboration with industry experts. They aim to develop a more holistic understanding of the specific benefits of individual CBD products.

WhyReviews is working closely with Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC), well known for their research-based education on hemp, CBD, and medical cannabis. RoC’s Care Team has served more than 67,000 clients and medical professionals worldwide. Through its collaboration with RoC, WhyReviews has adopted a science-based approach to data collection. The review form was developed in close collaboration with CBD research experts.

Consumer interest in CBD is growing rapidly, even though there is confusion about CBD’s specific benefits. WhyReviews aims to answer important questions about CBD to empower consumers to choose the best CBD products for their needs. WhyReviews will also offer 360 degree customer feedback to CDB producers to help create more effective products.

WhyReviews plans to launch a consumer-facing website later in 2022, including product reviews, useful and interesting analytical insights, as well as resources to help consumers. CBD consumers can complete the review form here: https://svy.q-oasis.com/uQpUBAA2?src=pr

About WhyReviews
WhyReview’s was founded with the mission of creating the #1 source for honest, unbiased CBD product reviews. Through the use of science-based research tools and methods, WhyReviews aims to empower consumers to choose the best CBD products for their needs. To learn more, visit https://whyreviews.info/

About Realm of Caring Foundation
Founded in 2013, Realm of Caring (RoC) is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization who serves anyone in need of more information about cannabinoid therapies. Through revolutionary research, innovative education, and empowering global community connections, RoC seeks to facilitate and encourage the mainstream acceptance of transformative, plant-powered therapies to benefit individuals and families and serve healthcare providers as well as the hemp and cannabis industries. Since becoming a formal non-profit in 2013, RoC has cherished a vision that has remained unchanged: the belief that the quality of life matters. To learn more or to donate to this cause, visit www.realmofcaring.org or call 1-888-210-3772.

SOURCE WhyReviews

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