Time to See a Physiatrist? What You Need to Know

Linda Rider

So you’ve just been referred to a physiatrist by your doctor. Your very first concern: What is a physiatrist?

Dr. Subramani Seetharama, Main, Physical Medication & Rehabilitation at Hartford Healthcare, solutions inquiries about Bodily Drugs and Rehabilitation, also recognized as physiatry:

What is Physiatry?

Physical medication and rehabilitation, also regarded as physiatry, is a medical specialty that aids restore purpose if you’ve been disabled as a end result of a condition, disorder or injury.

What is the Position of a Physiatrist?

A physiatrist manages your health-related challenges as you development by way of the rehabilitation procedure.

“Physiatrists are professionals in evaluation, diagnosis, and administration of neurological musculoskeletal and disabling disorders,” suggests Dr. Seetharama. “The remedies we provide are important in optimizing the most optimistic outcomes for clients in the early levels of their diagnosis and through the continuum of treatment.

“Rehabilitation Medication medical professionals are not connected to a person precise organ or physique procedure. They choose a international look at on disorder or impairments and aid a bridge involving connected medical specialties to enhance functionality.”

(In the photograph over: Affected person Allen Schwartz, suitable, with Dr. Seetharama, left, and physical therapist David Brown at the Hartford Health care Rehabilitation Community outpatient clinic in Cheshire.)


What Do Physiatrists Take care of?

A physiatrist treats a variety of impairments, which include:

  • Arthritis.
  • Musculoskeletal diseases.
  • Nerve connected discomfort.
  • Athletics accidents/concussion.
  • Stroke and spinal treatment.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.

How Do Physiatrists Vary From Physical Therapists?

Physiatrists and actual physical therapists address people with the similar types of ailments. But physiatrists are medical professionals who have concluded health-related college. Physiatrists make and deal with medical diagnoses and prescribe the therapies.

“Physiatrists are collaborative, holistic, and do the job with remedy staff to information them when we diagnose a client with a challenge,” says Dr. Seetharama. “The individual is guided via the approach till they get the people to be functionally great and have a fantastic quality of life.”

In spite of these dissimilarities, both of those physiatrists and physical therapists collaborate and communicate to assure people are acquiring appropriate remedy.

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