Break Child’s Fever Using Alternative Medicine

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Fever from illness is a natural part of life and something any mother has dealt with multiple times. They can be worrisome and cause concern, but fevers will happen, and it’s important to know how to treat them. Fever is a sign of infection in the body and is an indication that your body’s immune system is fighting something off. In some cases, giving a child medicine for a fever isn’t even necessary, and using over-the-counter medicine for fevers makes your child more comfortable, but it doesn’t get rid of the fever.

The concern with fever is if it gets too high or if it’s affecting your child too much. A long-lasting high fever can cause damage, but these are rare. They may cause your child to feel generally down, but there are things to try before turning to Tylenol. Healthy Children states that most fevers don’t need to be treated with medicine at all. If your child has a history of high fevers that lead to further complications, of course, treat the fever however your pediatrician or doctor advises.

However, if your child handles fevers generally fine, OTC medicine doesn’t have to be the only option to get your child feeling better. Here are six alternative ways to break your child’s fever and keep them comfortable as their fever runs its course.

Keep Your Child Hydrated

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We know that fluids are extremely important when sick and kids have a more difficult time maintaining hydration when sick. There’s an old saying to starve a fever, and most kids don’t have much of an appetite when they’re running a fever anyway. Your child doesn’t need to be eating a ton, but they need to stay hydrated. Have your child take small sips of water every 10-15 minutes. Sports drinks, popsicles, and ice are other great options to aid in hydration if water just isn’t cutting it.

Give Them A Warm Bath

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A lukewarm bath can quickly bring down your child’s overall body temperature. Draw a bath that isn’t cold but isn’t hot and have them climb in. Use washcloths to lay on in their back or chest and let them relax until the water gets cool, or they want to get it out. You can give them a few baths a day if they need it. It isn’t necessary to wash them with soap every time but be sure to pay attention if their skin is getting too dry and use lotion if needed.

Do not give your child an ice bath. This will only increase the fever because the body is trying to stay at a temperature that will help fight off the illness.



This is the same idea as a bath but done with washcloth or sponge while your child relaxes. Soak a sponge or washcloth in cool water, wring it out and placing on your child’s forehead for 15-20 minutes. Re-soak the sponge or cloth and repeat as many times as necessary. You can also place the sponge on their back, stomach, or upper legs to relieve some of their fever.

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When your child has a fever, their body is working extra hard to fight off the illness they have. More likely than not, your kid will be more lethargic anyway so have them nap or just watch movies all day. Sleep and rest will help your child’s immune system do what it needs to do which is fight off this illness. Extra sleep is one of the simplest alternative recommendations for curing a child’s fever.

While the body rests, it has the necessary time and energy to focus solely on fighting off the illness.

Put Your Child In Wet Socks

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This alternative treatment is explained by Farmer’s Almanac, and they acknowledge it sounds strange. Warm your child’s feet in warm water then dry completely. Then soak a pair of thin cotton socks in cold water, put them on your child’s feet, then cover up with dry wool socks. The idea is that this encourages the immune system to activate and improves blood circulation. It’s certainly an old treatment developed before medicine, but it may just work if it’s been around this long.

Make sure, however, that your child feels comfortable doing this. If they complain or say they are too cold, consider listening to them because they may be letting you know how their body feels and ultimately what it needs.

Serve Warm Tea Or Warm Broth

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Herbal teas without caffeine are safe for all ages and also another great alternative. Tea has healing properties and chamomile is a great choice for kids. According to Wellness Mama, chamomile has a slightly sweet apple flavor kids love. Some honey can give the tea a better test for kids if it isn’t their favorite. Bone broth is also a great choice for a feverish child. There is nutrition in the broth that can help them feel fuller. Both tea and bone broth are easy to digest and should be encouraged at least once a day while sick.

Source: Healthy Children, Farmer’s Almanac, Wellness Mama

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