The Medical Minute: Health tips for a jolly old elf

Linda Rider

HERSHEY, Pa. — Feel you have a difficult time remaining healthier in the course of the holiday seasons?

Try sliding down each chimney on each household in the full earth. Do it all in 1 night ― a frigid, wintertime night at that ― carrying a sack total of toys and coal though driving a mountain of force (much better hope all those “naughty/nice” spreadsheets have been thoroughly proofread). And your only refreshments are thousands and thousands of cookies and gallons of milk your followers insist on placing out for you, which doesn’t do considerably to assist what doctors tell you is a worsening pounds issue.

You and your creatures may well not do considerably stirring on Friday, Dec. 24, but for the large person with the sleigh it is nearly anything but a peaceful yuletide.

In this Clinical Moment, Penn Point out Wellbeing authorities transform the tables on Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and provide him a present: ideas on how he may remain healthy on his once-a-year significant night.

For everybody else, think of it as a tutorial for the getaway time. How can you stay away from the worry, unhealthy eating plan and frostbite this yr?

Santa chance No. 1: Bowl complete of jelly + chilly weather = heart concerns

Okay, it’ll be cold. Large offer. Santa is lined. He’s well known the entire world in excess of for his crimson parka and hat. Cold temperature will come with the territory.

But difficult perform in minimal temperatures could spell problems for an individual who may possibly be much less than wellness acutely aware (assume bowl comprehensive of jelly).

“Cold temperature will result in the system to constrict blood vessels to maintain warmth, which can then elevate blood tension and the risk for heart assault,” reported Dr. Chad Zack, a cardiologist at Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute.

It is ideal not to overdo winter responsibilities, these as shoveling snow, carrying firewood, or, say, lugging piles on piles of provides to each baby everywhere. Getting breaks is vital.

“Pay attention to the vintage symptoms of a coronary heart assault ― chest suffering shortness of breath discomfort that radiates to the jaw, arm or back again nausea or chilly sweats ― and prevent if you expertise any of them,” Zack stated. “If they persist, simply call 911.”

And strategy now to get in far better form for subsequent winter’s weather by having 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a 7 days when spring at last comes.

“Even walking briskly is fantastic exercising ― you want to get a little bit out of breath but not uncomfortable,” Zack reported. “Getting in form is fantastic for bettering overall health and longevity all calendar year prolonged.”

Simpler said than done, when every property gives a plate of delectable cookies. But additional on that later.

Santa threat No. 2: Winter season climate perils

Santa seldom delivers items from an Oldsmobile. The odds of a flying sleigh and reindeer turning out to be trapped in a snowdrift are nominal. 

But you in no way know with winter circumstances, and Dr. Jeffrey Lubin, vice chair of the Section of Unexpected emergency Medicine at Penn Point out Wellness Milton S. Hershey Healthcare Heart, suggests keeping the Facilities for Ailment Handle and Prevention’s crisis kit. It contains things like blankets, sand or kitty litter to enable with traction and a charged cellphone to connect with for support. Continue to keep it in your sleigh, er, car or truck.

While crossing individuals rooftops, Santa ought to retain his cap and mittens firmly in area. Covering your extremities guards them from frostbite.

Santa must also be absolutely sure to keep dry. “Wearing wet outfits wicks heat away from your body,” Lubin stated. “One of the to start with issues you really should do when you get inside of is improve out of people wet apparel so you can dry off.”

Scorching beverages can give Santa some internal warmth. “One matter that does not work is the consumption of alcohol,” Lubin mentioned. “Even even though you sense that warm sensation on the inside, you are basically dehydrating your entire body and it may make you more vulnerable to getting unwell.”

So as an alternative of milk and cookies, look at putting out a cup of espresso and a towel for Santa this yr.

Santa chance No. 3: Vacation strain on overdrive

By late in the day on Saturday, Dec. 25, Santa will be ready for a trip. You may possibly feel the identical way. Family members logistics, browsing, journey … seeking to get a several moments of holiday break peace can trigger a good deal of strain.

Dr. Julie Radico, a scientific psychologist at Penn Condition Wellbeing, emphasizes a favourable frame of mind. Santa should really aim on what he can do, not on how massive the mountain of toys is that he ought to supply.

“If you expend a ton of time on unproductive concerns, we are inclined to get stuck and feel helpless, which results in more stress,” she mentioned. “Consider in its place if there is something you can do about it or a portion of it that you can control and make far better, and then place that on your to-do record.”

Radico tells her sufferers to apply self-treatment — undertaking things to remain energized and comfortable. That could possibly involve participating in a beloved passion, finding a therapeutic massage, or paying time with persons you care about.

“Your psychological overall health is a essential element of your lifestyle,” she reported.

Santa risk No. 4: And of study course … cookies

Which delivers us to the cookies and milk. Heather Tressler, a registered dietitian at the Penn Condition Well being Celiac Clinic, implies they should not include to vacation worry.

Give by yourself permission to take in every thing. “When we limit ourselves we experience deprived and that can, in change, start out the cycle of craving and bingeing,” she claimed. “When you only enable oneself to appreciate the meals you enjoy, you choose the guilt away.”

Janelle Fallon, a scientific nutrition manager at Penn Condition Overall health St. Joseph Medical Center, indicates scaled-down plates.

“Grab what you’d like and consume away from the food stuff becoming served and seriously concentrate on making the most of the foods or beverage whilst paying attention to hunger cues,” she explained. “Stop when you are complete, and do not feel pressured to finish the whole plate.”

Eat lean protein and fruits and vegetables as a substitute of fasting. And the two dietitians recommend not neglecting exercising. Santa ought to be guaranteed to go for a walk, dance or do anything entertaining.

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